All our funds are private placement funds and driven by empirical observations of the market. We have identified a number of market mispricings that are possible to exploit, and in addition to the funds listed below, we have other fund strategies currently being back-tested. If you would like information or a prospectus on any of our offerings, please get in contact with us.

Carolinas Fund

This long-only equity fund selects a number of publicly traded companies either domiciled in, or have ties to, North and South Carolina. In this way it is possible to diversify some regional risk, or take on more exposure to the region. A value approach is taken to identify the relatively undervalued companies in the region and is weighted based on "main street" indicators

Long-Short Fund

Our Long-Short Fund is an absolute return strategy that takes long positions in companies we feel are undervalued and short positions in overvalued companies. The fund employs a mixture of momentum and value indicators to generate high risk-adjusted returns irrespective of what happens with the overall market. That makes this fund a tremendous diversification tool.